Sports bra and the many benefits of wearing it

Every woman should have one or two sports bras in their closet. It is an excellent means of adding support when they require it the most. Such bras will help a woman to comfortably play sports, participate in work needs actively without feeling uncomfortable or chase around kids. This is a lingerie piece that every female must invest in. 

Sports bra and its three different types 

  • Compression- this variety will work in pushing breasts against the chest minimizing movement. Such compression will act as a line of defense and will be an ideal choice for women having A or B cup sizes. It will not offer much support to women having larger breasts 
  • Adjustable encapsulated- this bra has been designed for mimicking the regular encapsulated bra and will offer a natural look with utmost support, thereby making it an ideal choice for women with heavy breasts. The best part about this bra, is it comes with adjustable straps to cater a woman’s individual needs and there are some that also have an underwire 
  • Encapsulated– it is quite similar to a compression bra with the only difference being it offers support to each breast for a more supportive and comfortable fit and more natural appearance. 

Learn more about the different benefits of wearing a sports bra 

  • Minimize movement– While playing a sport or running on the treadmill, a good quality sports bra will help in minimizing the movement of the breasts. Sports bras especially the compression style bra will work wonders in tightly holding the breasts to the chest and is perfect for women having medium to small size breasts. 
  • Maintain the shape of the breast– Performing any form of exercise without the right chest support is likely to contribute to discomfort and pain and also stretched ligaments and skin resulting in droopy, saggy breasts. A good sports bra will provide support in keeping this condition from occurring prematurely. While buying these bras it is vital to consider the type of activity a woman participates in. In fact the higher the sport or workout intensity the most support and protection they will require. Most importantly buy one which stays in place, but does not cut into the skin
  • Stay comfortable– wearing a sports bra from a reputable brand will wick away sweat and keep the wearer cool. Most of the sports bras available in the market these days are made of lightweight fabrics yet allow for proper air circulation. A sports bra made of polyester and cotton blend will feel soft along with wicking away sweat and that made of Lycra spandex and Cool Max polyester blend with offer a stretch support along with moisture wicking benefits. 

Apart from these benefits, there are some sports bras that feature small pockets which can be used for storing keys, a small MP3 player, a gym membership card or a driver’s license. This will help in reducing the amount of things a woman will require carrying while she exercises thereby freeing up her waist and arms from fanny packs, armbands and other forms of carrying items. Further, it will also offer a safe and convenient place for storing valuables if you are wearing yoga pants without a pocket . So investing in a few sports bras is indeed worth it.