Find Out The Different Types Of Neck Ties

There are so many fashion apparels available for men with which their looks and personality can be groomed in a fantastic manner. One such fashion gear is Tie. A right tie can enhance one’s looks and give them a classy appearance. It is very important to select the tie in right combination with our dress. Otherwise, things can go in a funny way.

Types of ties:

There are different types of neck ties that can be used for different occasions. Some of them are:

  • Four in Hand Necktie – Well familiar and most commonly used type of ties that is mostly used for formal occasions. We have wide range of choices based on color, pattern, material, length etc. to choose from. With the perfect knot, our look can be boosted exponentially.
  • Seven-Fold Tie – This type is very similar to the former ones except the fact that it is made of rich looking material, it will be costly than four in hand type. This reason makes the seven-fold type more suitable for very special occasions. As the name implies, this tie is folded seven times and the knot can be made very easily.
  • Slim Tie –Became very popular from 50’s and still it’s a great choice for many people nowadays. Again, it is also a variation of the four-in hand type. Due to the slimy appearance, it is more suitable for parties and night-outs rather than official purposes.
  • Bowtie –When one wants to have a catchy and funny alternative to the conventional type, that’s where Bowties come into the picture. They are extremely popular across the world and can be used for multiple occasions. With the right suit combination, this can be used for places like balls, parties, office and even for everyday use.
  • String Tie –It is a modification of normal bowtie with the ends extended and hanging down for some length. It is used as a formal accessory even now, but in most places, it has become a casual wear.
  • Bolo Tie – From 70’s, this type of tie is very popular due to its classy and elegant look. A heavy braid with laces whose ends are tipped with metal with an ornamental look. Since it resembles shoelaces, it is also known as shoelace tie.
  • Ascot Tie – This type of tie is very popular among the younger generation due to its stylish look. More similar to a scarf, this tie can be worn around the neck and can be kept in its position using scarf pins. More suitable for fashion occasions and parties than formal ones.

Point to be noted:

Whatever be the type, the final look will depend on how matching the combination is and also how neatly the tie is worn. Selecting the right ties for right occasions in a right matching combination will definitely make you stand out in a crowd in an elegant manner.